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AllFreelanceHub.com is a portal to FIND and POST listings on freelancers, freelance products and services, part-time, temporary and ad-hoc jobs and work.

We make it easy for you to input text / upload images which will then be displayed on this portal – AllFreelanceHub.com.

Before you sign up or use this portal, please visit and read our Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy. By signing up for Free Trial account or / and subscribing to any of our Services, you agree to our Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy.

(Click on link at the bottom of the page to bring you to a contact form if you need to email us to make further enquiries. Alternatively, you can contact our marketing personnel whom you have first contact with, if any.)

Important Notes:
a. www.AllInternetPortals.com is our SOLE and ONLY company website. Please do not go to any other website for payment instructions.

b. Please be informed that ALL PAYMENT INSTRUCTIONS are ONLY found in www.allinternetportals.com/payment-instructions.html (CLICK on link to bring you to Payment Instruction page). Under NO circumstance will our company advise you to make payment in CASH or in other method of payment not already stated in the Payment Instruction page.

For Freelancers OR Freelance providers of products and / or services OR part-time, temporary and / or ad-hoc jobbers or workers who would like to list on this portal

Step 1: Go to User Sign Up page to register and sign up for a FREE TRIAL account. For the Free Trial account, you are allowed 2 concurrent active Listings per Free Trial account.

If you need more than 2 concurrent active Listings and up to 5 concurrent active Listings per account, please see Subscription / Pricing below for details.

Step 2: Then log in to input text / upload images for you and / or your business.

After you have logged into the Content Management System (CMS) area, you can find out for yourself how easy it is to use our user-friendly (with simple notes / instructions to guide you along) CMS. If you still encounter any problem, please click on link at the bottom of the page to bring you to a contact form if you need to email us.

Once you have done the above, your and / or your business’ information / images that you have input / upload will be displayed in your Listing page on AllFreelanceHub.com.

Please see sample Listing page - Click Here

Subscription / Pricing

Free Trial Account
To create your Listing page on AllFreelanceHub.com, just sign up for FREE TRIAL account. Free Trial available for a limited period only. We will provide you with at least a 3-month notice period before end of your Free Trial period. After your Free Trial period, you just need to pay an annual subscription fee.

Listing Account (up to 5 concurrent active Listings)
Our introductory price is $60 per year (translate to $5 per month or $1 per Listing per month). This allows subscriber to have 5 concurrent active Listings.

This introductory price is available to subscribers who signed up for Listing Account before 31st March 2017**.

To encourage and reward loyal early-bird subscribers, in addition to introductory price of $60, we will ALSO offer you a $20 discount voucher** to offset your 2nd year subscription fee for Listing Account on AllFreelanceHub.com. That means whatever the 2nd year subscription fee is when you renew, you will enjoy an additional $20 discount compared to what other (non-early bird) subscribers will pay.

To keep our prices attractive and competitive, we only liaise with you through email support. We do make some exceptions to contact you by telephone if circumstance so required.

Advertising Spaces
AllFreelance.com has many advertising spaces (banner advertisement sliders, static banners and spaces) and Featured advertisement spaces available on the various pages of this website / portal. Please click on link below to contact / email us for more information and pricing.

**Subject to changes. Terms and Conditions for introductory price and discount voucher apply.

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